Introducing cost-effective professional 3D printing services using Stratasys FDM technology. Our skilled in-house technicians manufacture strong durable parts using high-performance thermoplastics like Ultem 9085, Ultem 1010 and PEKK. Build volumes up to 36X24X36in. Contact us today to discuss your Next Manufacturing project!

Rapid Prototyping

For many years 3D Printing has been the tool of choice when engineers and other professionals require rapid prototypes during product development. Our capabilities range from making conceptual models for meetings and tradeshows to functional prototypes made to withstand vigorous testing in harsh environments.

  • Improve design validation
  • Accelerate product development
  • Reduce mistakes through iterative design process

Manufacturing Tools

Next Manufacturing utilizes 3D printing to effectively create assembly aids, jigs and fixtures, and a variety of complex gauges. We are able to combine 3D printing with traditional manufacturing methods to provide our clients with custom tailored solutions.

  • Streamline production processes
  • Maximize assembly efficiency
  • Reduce tooling costs

End-Use Parts

We work with our clients to provide high performance end-use parts at unparalleled throughput and cost. Our team of experts can help select the appropriate material for your end-use application, and manufacture parts that meet your specific requirements. Due to our vertically integrated manufacturing process, we take your design from pellet-to-part at the lowest cost guaranteed.

  • Inventory on demand
  • Affordable bridge to tooling
  • Produce complex and customized products
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